Specifications Chart for 1991


Johan, Sweden said...

Many many thanks for making these scans and publishing them! They have been very useful for me and many thousands of others.

Have you looked at the comments for the different years? There are a few missing links and duplicates for some images, it should be easy to find the links and fix them if someone have found it and mentioned it in the comments.

All the best!

Little Canada Ranch said...

Thank's for your information , if somebody let me know I will try to fix it, I am not a Computer expert, only a person who loves bicycles.

Anonymous said...

great site thanks
i have a 7/21 early 1990's
it was trashed when i got it
fixed it with parts from junk
my son hauled in
and ride it around the park
to keep the pounds off
can any one date it for sure
number on frame is ss71713
its a blue green color
dave wd8cyv(at)excite.com

Anonymous said...

hello i am trying to date my old mountain bike. says miyata 10000 on it. carbon fiber with aluminum lugs. i think i bought it in or around 1989. still looks and rides awesome. with some minor improvements.

yvtcreed said...

Thank you for information! This could be very helpful for my work and my future projects. Today I'm working on Bid4Papers review and this table have answered a lot of my questions.

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