Miyata Catalog 1992


Anonymous said...


Thank you for providing such an informative site.

I have noticed that one of the images:

is identical to the previous page of the catalogue:


Coincidentally, I am looking for more information on the Miyata Seven 14, whose descriptions fall on the missing page. Also, from your blog’s webpage, http://miyatacatalogs.com/ , the image that should redirect to this catalog page has a broken link. Will you please update the page at your convenience? Thank you again for providing such a wealth of information for cyclists.


Little Canada Ranch said...
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Nano Burgos said...

Hi Jerry:
I found the problem and I posted today as Specifications for 1992.
Yes when you try to enlarge the picture(the page that have the Model 714 do not work).
Now you will able to see the page.
Hernan P.Burgos(NANOBURGOS)

Ben said...

Hi Herman, many many thanks for posting the catalog. I'm in love with my Nine 16 thanks to you. One note is that on the 1992 catalog, the page before the gear chart page is not clickable. Normally, you allow us to see the full size page scan. But not for this page. The page contains the detailed specs for my Nine16! :)

Jorge said...

hi Herman thanks for the catalog, found my model 1992 seven14 Red, i ride it now 4 times a week. she is not flashy, she does the work for me and i love it


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the Miyata catalogs. I found my 914 in the '92 catalog. It is in really good shape - all original components, nice paint, no dents/dinks. What do you think it is worth? It has new wheels/tubes and tuneup.

tom said...

Thanks so much for posting these catalogs. I recently saw a Elevation 1000' on Craigslist. It was listed as a '93, but thanks to this catalog, I could tell it was actually a '92. There doesn't seem to be a lot of info out there on Miyata MTBs, so this was really helpful to me in determining that the bike was all original except for tires, brake pads, and bars and pedals, and also where it was in the product line. I was thinking about turning it into a commuter/utility, but it was in such great shape I've been riding it on trails, and I love it!

Anonymous said...

I have a Miyata 90 pink metallic womens bike i havent ridden it since about 1986 when i moved, just sitting pretty in my garage. Can anyone tell me anyth about it snd is it something anyone would want to buy today? Looks like a lit if ppl mite

Jan Andreas Knudsen said...

Hi, I think a few pages are missing from this catalog. I can't see any model info about Elevation 12'000 or Elevation 10'000.

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