Miyata Catalog 1991


Anonymous said...

Hello all,
I own a 1991 alumicross. on the underside of the down tube there is a single braze-on, the catalogue describes it as a Air Bottom Basement. Does anybody have any idea what that is?

Little Canada Ranch said...

Hi Jake:
Sorry I do not know what is Air Bottom Basement, probably is Bottom Bracket(sometimes the translation from Japanese to English is not quite clear).

Anonymous said...


The air bottle basement is a single threaded mount on the underside of the down tube. It is the same size and threading as a water bottle braze-on.

It was designed to mount a bracket to hold a CO2 cartridge. Hence - air bottle basement.

I have a '92 - 916 and have been looking for the bracket to hold the CO2 cartridge.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post. long back(95). I owned an Elevation 100 when i was in school & i was very fond of it. Had bought it from a student that had come here for studies. Since Miyata is not available in India i dint know what model the bike was of. Now, I do, Thanks to you.

Anonymous said...

hi, i´m going to ride my first miyata next week. it´s still not ready to roll. unfortunately i didn´t found the bike here. what range of years did they produce? are there bikes not listed here?
Nice work!!! it´s fun to search ...
matthias (germany)

guy said...

i have a miyata t-1000 titanium road bike, what year did that come out

Anonymous said...

Is there a page 16 somewhere? I want to see if it matches my quick cross.

Anonymous said...

I own the 1991 Myata Sportcross. This is by far the best bike I have eve had the pleasere of riding. I logged many miles on it before I entered the service. I still have it in decent shape just needs tubes and a good tune up... Hope to have it up and running agan soon. If you have the opportuity to buy one of these bikes in rideable condition do so I will never part with mine....its the perfect hybrid of mountain and street bike and with its lite frame and speedy gears its a perfect blend for anyone from casual to experienced bike riders...I love this bike...and all its flair!

Anonymous said...


I have a Miyata - Radical Runner which have Aero Sugino Crankset, I am trying find it here. Can you help me and point out the year. I have browsed through but its not here.

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