Miyata Catalog 1988


Anonymous said...

Hernan, thanks so much for making these catalogs available. I didn't know much about Miyata Bicycles before I bought a 1988 Five Twelve (512) in all white a few years back. It's an interesting combo of a stiff yet laid back steel road bike. I always wondered about the differences between my mid-range 512 and the 912. I like viewing the complete range. I had no idea they got into carbon. Very cool, retro looking back at a past era!

riotpirate said...

thanks for the info! i have a 1988 miyata 615 and was always wondering what it looked like brand new. now it's 20 yrs old and going thru its 3rd transformation. the frame is reliable and it was a great ride from Winnipeg > Sudbury last fall.

thanks again for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Hello! Nice to find these catalogs. I have a middle eigthties "five twelve", it's a very nice red, though the paint is rather worn. One of my sons just returned from a 225 kilometer daytrip on it. He averaged 28 kmh. Most of it is original, I've had to replace the cranks after stripping the pedal threads. I found a used Campa Chorus that works OK. The rear rim cracked a couple of years ago. Bottom bracket replaced three or four times. With a little care I suppose my grandchildren can use it too.

Johan, Sweden.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these scans. It's great to obtain more definitive information on my newly acquired 1988 712 (the green/blue one). It makes for a quick, smooth, comfortable commute to work.

Jesse said...

This is stellar. Nice to see (and find out) just what year my 312 is.
I bought it from the original owner, still all it's stock parts and in great shape. Now I want another after looking through the catalogues! Thank you for hosting these

johnj said...

Hi Miyata fraternity,
Just updated from a new Scott sub 10 (2008) aluminium frame to a miyata 1200. Love the frame.Sensational riding bike. Miyata are the best cr-mo ever.
John J

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the catalogs. I have a One Twelve that I bought new at Wheel Works in Belmont, MA in Spring 1989 at a half-price clearance sale so I assume it was a 1988 - regular $600, paid $300. It has been a tremendous bike that I still use extensively (2,850 miles last year, and I estimate around 30,000 miles in the last 20 years). Still all original equipment, except, of course, tires, brakes, cables, but original chain! I wish they still made this bike.

Kevin said...

Thanks for posting these scans! I just bought an '88 Miyata 1000, which is the most comfortable and well-built bicycle I've ever had the pleasure of riding. It's simply a phenomenal machine, every part and detail just oozes quality and craftsmanship. Fortunately the original owner felt the same way and took excellent care of it over the years; it required virtually no work to bring it back to 'like new' condition. I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Kevin, Ottawa

Steve said...

Thanks! Really amazing, fun and interesting to find this posted. I enjoyed checking the specs.. I've owned an 88 Luxe Touring 1000 since new. I bought it for a month tour of the Scottish highlands, and I loved it from the first test ride until now. It just seems to mix great handling with comfort in a unique way. I've added a higher stem and interrupter bar brakes to accommodate an aging back, but with a recent overhaul and new Continental tires, she rolls as well as new. At 22 years, she's now a star at the retro shops.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making this available. I'm trying to sell my 1988 Five Twelve, so I added a link to this page. Great information for anyone buying a Miyata bike!

javier said...

I own a Miyata Street Runner '88... same red that in the catalog. I had no idea, i'm the second or third owner. :D

Klas Olsson said...


I've got a Miyata frame that I bought a while back. I want to know from what year it is and I'm guessing this is the place to get help.

It looks like a TEAM Miyata from -88, but the end of the fork is yellow and on the top tube it says "Pro-Miaya". The tubes are Cr-Mo Spline. The serial on the BB shell is "PU36943".

Here's a picture of the frame:

Can anyone tell me from what year it is and if it's a Team Miyata or not?

Thanks alot, love the site!

// Klas, Sweden

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