Miyata Catalog 1986


Tim said...

Thanks so much for posting these! As moderator of a Yahoo group dedicated to the Miyata and Specialized touring bikes of days gone by, this is an amazing resource for me and the rest of the group.

Pekka said...


This is perfect material, thanks a lot!

I noticed there is probably one data sheet page missing as I could not find Miyata 110 component list even though the model is introduced in the catalog.

I'm having Miyata 110 -86 and would compare the component list to the original set.

If you have the page it would be great if you could add it here.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see the rest of the spec sheet as well. I am trying to find a rear derail for a 110 and it would be nice to see what was stock.

Gloria said...

So glad to find a date on my 610 miyata... thank you for your efforts

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the '86 Miyata 310 used JIS or ISO for the headset measurement?

Nano Burgos said...

Hi Pekka:
Thank you for your information about the page missing in the Miyata Calatalog 1986.
I just enclosed today.
Hernan P.Burgos(NANOBURGOS)

Anonymous said...

I have an '86 Terra Runner and also would like to see the missing page of specs for this bike if it's available. Thanks! sereutebuch@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Searching for the CAD retail price of the "Trail Runner" from the 1986 Catalogue bought the same year at "Bikenergy", Toronto. Wonderful Nano Burgos could not help, he does not remember. Anybody out there who could post this information?

Anonymous said...

Today I searched for the Miyata 110 components list that was supposedly posted in Oct 2008. No joy! Where shall I look for it?
Can't wait to see it!

vintage miyata bicycles said...

Here is the missing page for 1986

Brennan said...

I just found this site. This is awesome. Now I know I have the 1986 Miyata 210, in Sandstone. I love it by the way. I bought it on Ebay and it still had the original tires, it had hardly been ridden. Great bike!

Peter said...

Hi, Nano! Thank you for your great work in compiling this information and making it available on the Net. It's a really nice resource to have shared.

One question: Is there no geometry table for the Miyata 1000 in the 1986 catalog? I see that the geometry page is truncated on the left and I'm wondering if a major section of it, or maybe a facing page, was accidentally not scanned.

A couple of comments (on the catalogs themselves, not on your work):

In a couple of years' catalogs, Miyata provided really detailed geometry information for select models in select sizes, including stuff like bottom-bracket drop and fork offset (rake), plus stuff like stem reach. What a shame they didn't do this throughout, as the extra information can be helpful in predicting and comparing handling and fit between model years (and other bikes). For example, from the detailed info I was able to cull, I've calculated that trail for Miyata 1000s can range from ~45mm to ~60mm depending on the model year, which is enough of a difference to make for noticeably different front-end handling.

Still, I appreciate the information they did provide. For example, I think effective top tube length is a better rough gauge of how well a frame will fit than seat tube length. Thanks to the published specs I know that the top tube length on a 23in/~57cm frame jumped from 55cm to 56.5cm in 1984. Thus, someone for whom a 55cm top tube is an upper limit might be comfortable on a 1981, 1982, or 1983 23-inch frame but have to drop to a 54cm frame in a later model year.

But I'm rambling. Thanks again for your thoughtful work, and if a geometry table for the 1986 Miyata 1000 can be found, that would be great! All the best.

jek said...

Hello! Thanks for posting all of the catalogues. Now I know that the Trailrunner I just bought from craigslist is a 1986 model. I know very little about Miyata bicycles but I sure like this one that I got. It's in great shape, and I was surprised to find out it is that old. Just a question for anyone reading; were Miyatas a higher end bike at the time? Judging by the quality of catalogue, I'm beginning to think that they were, but I'm wondering if anyone knows. Thanks, John

mtdream said...

The one I have cost $400 new in 1986, so I think that is a higher-end bike.

Vasyl said...

While I have nearly found what I need, it seems that there is one page missing of the 1986 catalog. The penultimate image are the specs on Miyata bikes, yet mine is a 210 and it seems that the 1000 Touring and 610 are there but not the 210.

You wouldn't happen to have the specs on the 210. My original 210 was I think either a 1981 or 1982, but when I arrived in Vancouver for a trip I had been planning for nearly three years, my back end was totally bent. Glad I paid for the insurance and the airline had to replace my bike.. with the same make and model in this case a Miyata 210.

Would appreciate it if you could post it.

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