Miyata Catalog 1985


Kristin said...

this is awesome. I have a Miyata 210 from 1985 and I love it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this!!!!! I have been looking for information on my 912 and until now had found very little. I wasn't even sure what year it was, but you had all the catalogs so I was able to find it. This is the best. I love my bike and have no desire to spend the money on a new one. Thanks again for the information.

travis said...

this really is incredible. i just started riding on my dad's old 1985 912. it's neat to see what it looked like brand new before the 20+ years of dirt and grease set in. great riding bike, even today.

aprilstarchild said...

Just bought a Miyata 210 myself and now I know it's a 1985. Awesome! I love the bike.

texas lady said...

Thank you for posting the catalogs and serial number decipher. My serial number starts with a N--so that would be 1985. It is a two ten model in sandstone but not the woman's bike as shown in the catalog. I am the original owner. It has sat in the garage for 10 years. Before that, it had had a tune up and tires replaced. I would like to start riding again, perhaps in a bike club. Right now, I am only looking at doing short rides such as 25 miles.
In this type of situation, what woudl be the difference that I would experience between riding a Specialized bike in the starting range (1000!!!!)or my old Miyata after I take it in for a tuneup and new tires? Would I be laughed at??? Thanks for a reply!!!

Anonymous said...

Looking at the 85 and 86 pista they look identical. However, the 86 had Miyata Tubular tires and the 85 has Panaracer. no big deal

but there is some confusion, in the spec sheet for the 86 it states "triple Butted" and the 85 states "double butted with taperd seat stays and ovalized chain stays"

Looking at the picture in the 86 catalog Pista page, the description conflicts with specs stating Double butted...

Does anyone know the reality here? I am just trying to value my bike

SteveV said...

Rode my '85 Team Miyata today. My favorite bike in the stable. It just moves. I'm the 3rd owner and it had been parted out of the Dura-Ace gruppo before I bought it. I have been slowly restoring it to it's former glory. Just missing that cool black Miyata stem now.

Couldn't have done it without the valuable info on the site. Thanks!

Rob said...


Thank you for your efforts here. Because of you I was able to identify my Miyata 310 as 1985. I here that was one of the better years for the 310. Your serial number translator was critical. Thanks. The catalog was so helpful in providing the 310's stats. Although I have the bike and the owners manual, they don't have as much detail. The 310 has been in my basement for 10+ years and thinking about getting back into it. Seems like this is a pretty good manufacturer and bike for daily rides.


Anonymous said...

I have an Elevation 150 in green...ladies bike--26in, 7 speed from the 1991 catalog.
Any idea what its worth? Thank you in advance. Appreciate your efforts.
I'm in California. I can't find any other markings, serial #, etc. on the bike.

Lullaby said...
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Anonymous said...

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