Miyata Catalog 1981


Mark in PA said...

Hi, my '81 610 can not thank you enough for your efforts! thank you so much for this great early x-mas present!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Very nice job on the scans. Vintage Miyata riders will be elated by your work.

Joe said...

Thank you for all the info. I'm getting my '81 912 back on the road and having all the specs is a big help.

eshibui said...
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eshibui said...

Thanks for posting these catalogs. This is a great help as a I search for a vintage Miyata for my fiancee. Do you know any other websites that cover the late 70s Miyata Mikado brand?

Nano Burgos said...

Hi eshibui:
Miyata and Mikado are different companies, I do not recalled to see a Miyata Mikado.
I do not know who could have catalogs from the year 1970, the Miyata Catalogs I posted are the ones I had in Canada since I started to Represent Miyata Bicycles in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Site!
I just picked up what I can now determine to be a 1981 310-blue for $40 from a thrift store. 25"
It looks great and is almost as light as my roommate's $1,000 Bertoni.

Still haven't found a site that explains the serial# on the bottom of the frame though-anyone?

Thanks again!

Stuart said...

Hi Nano.
Can you help with year please.
I have searched through each of your spec charts and can't find my bike, so suspect it might be earlier than 1981.

Miyata GL212,
Burgundy, suntour Vx Hubs, Dia compe 5oo brakes and levers,Kusuki Win bars and Kusuki stem, Sugino GT crankset and Sugino seat post, Shimano Symmetric levers (down tube mounted), Suntour ARX front and rear deraileurs.
I would appreciate any input.

Stuart (Australia)

Nano Burgos said...

Sorry Stewart:

I only have the Miyata Catalogs prined for Canada and some for the U.S.A , I do not have Catalogs for the Australian Models.
Best regards,

QuantiKS said...

Hi all!
Some could help identifying my Miyata frame model/year?
Serial number is D602974.

I don't know much more since it's not in original condition (it's been repainted and disassembled).
Riccardo ITA

Mike S said...

I have a 1978 Miyata Frontier Model> Wondering what the value of the bike is , its in very good condition

Steve said...

I have just purchased a red 12 speed with the numbers DS 81 and 101806 on the lower seat post near the crank. The bike has confetti like decals placed on the frame here and there. It also has Shimano click shifters mounted on top and in the center of the handlebars. It is a touring bike, and does not seem to be modified at all. It looks like an 80's bike but I cannot find anything like it in the listed catalogs.....Steve in Ct.

Steve said...

After going through the used Miyata I bought last week, and not being able to identify the year or model, I realized some of the small decals on the crossbar say 770. I don't find it in the catalogs. Any help? Steve in Ct.

Little Canada Ranch said...

This is the Blog that has all serial number information since I introduce Miyata Bicycles in Canada.
Sorry no info for Miyata Bicycles Sold in other Countries.

kmorghan said...

Thanks for the information on Miyatas. I've been commuting to work for years on an old Miyata 110 I picked up at a yard sale. When I went to replace the worn rear derailleur, I started wondering how old it is. Now I know it's a 1981 and I can admire the original catalog and see the specs. Pretty solid little bike - takes a lot of bad weather and rough roads with hardly a complaint.

Anonymous said...

I have GL212 can anyone tell me what it's worth?

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